Vitamins & Minerals

Did You Know This About Vitamins & Minerals?

Normal essential metabolic processes and other external factors such as smoking, pollution, stress, etc. release certain chemical compounds known as ‘Free Radicles’ that result in oxidation in the body. These must be neutralized as they are the main causes of lifestyle related diseases such as cancer, etc.


Vitamins and Minerals were traditionally understood to play only specific physiological roles. However, studies today show that they are powerful antioxidants that are essential to counter free radical damage. 

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends including a variety in our diet of up to 9 servings a day. Each colour promotes the health of specific areas in the body:

  • Purple varieties support brain health
  • Orange varieties support eye health
  • Green varieties support cellular health
  • Red varieties support heart health
  • White varieties support bone health 

In addition to eating right, supplementing your diet with a good quality multi-vitamins will add in the phytonutrients that are currently missing due to commercial farming practices.

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