Success Stories

S Bharathi Patnaik (42 yrs) – Transitions Manage

With a busy corporate career, Bharathi was on medication for hypothyroidism, diabetes and high blood pressure, and her weight constantly crept up.

She had tried almost everything to get her health to improve but nothing seemed to work long term.

In August 2020, she took on the Performance Optimization Challenge and dropped 10.2 kgs and 24.5 inches.

What Bharathi has to say –

"I am very excited to have gotten control of my life and to achieve the health goals that I have always dreamt of."

Cheryl (41 yrs) – Teacher

Cheryl always struggled with weight. She tried numerous diets that were out there in the market, coupled with different kinds of workouts and exercise regimes, but the results were always temporary. She says her weight always came back with a vengeance. Furthermore, with age and work stress her migraines became more severe and regular.

On completing the Performance Optimization Challenge Cheryl has equipped herself for life.

What Cheryl has to say –

"I believe women are the pillars of good health in their families and it's high time they realize that. If women of the house are healthy then the entire family enjoys good health."

Varun (27 yrs) – Works at a Law Firm

Varun has grown up with cerebral palsy. He was on medication for febrile seizures and was weaned off medication finally at the age of 12 yrs. however, the medication made his brain dull, which delayed his key milestones like crawling, standing and walking. Added to this he had spasticity of his hands and legs for which hamstring release and tendon lengthening surgeries were performed. As he grew older his weight started to creep up and he developed a BP issues.

Varun’s mother, Sadhna got onto the Performance Optimization Challenge and saw some amazing results for herself. In learning how to put her meals together in a healthier manner she was able to bring about healthier changes for the entire family.

She decided to help Varun with the program and he started to see some amazing results. He has lost 12 kgs & 23.5 inches. His energy levels and his mental alertness improved and so did his posture. He enjoys looking at himself in the mirror and loves what he sees.

What Sadhna (Varun’s mother) has to say –

"We as parents have seen a tremendous change in Varun's attitude and a newfound zest for life because of what this program delivered."

Ajita Vijayan (52 yrs) – Ex Software Professional

Ajita completed two cycles on the programme in Aug 2019. She has been on maintenance and is delighted that her stamina has improved significantly. She walks between 10-12 kms/day instead of the 6-7kms she was able to manage before. Her energy levels – remain good from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. and she no longer needs a nap in the afternoon.

She has neither sweet cravings nor bloating and can fit into her old clothes again as she lost 19.5 inches. She is so much more confident with her weight down by 10 kgs overall. Her skin is brighter, and her hair fall has significantly reduced.

What Ajita has to say –

"The awareness about eating right, moderate exercise, adequate water intake and staying focussed has really made me believe that I can have ambitious health goals and can sustain optimum health."