Did You Know This About Fats?


Most fats that we consume as part of our daily diet include synthetics or trans-fatty acids. These are used to thicken, harden, and preserve food. These are most often found in hydrogenated vegetable oils, take away foods, commercially baked products, and almost any food in a packet. 

Studies have shown that a 2% increase in synthetic fats increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 90%. 

The good news is that we can reverse these conditions by switching over to saturated fats from Ghee, Coconut Oil and Butter which should be a part of your daily diet.

The Indian diet is extremely high in Omega 6 but is highly inadequate in Omega 3 (with EPA & DHA), which has led to conditions such as –

  • Difficulties with memory, learning & concentration in both adults and children
  • Increased cholesterol levels and unhealthy heart conditions
  • Inflammatory conditions in the body, manifested through asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
  • Weight gain
  • Hair fall and poor skin conditions and ageing.

The good news is, correcting the imbalance through good quality supplementation which will ensure that these conditions can be reversed or avoided long term.

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