Did You Know This About Carbs?

Carbs are often referred to as sugars. There are two types: simple and complex. The commercialization of the food industry has led to compromised nutrition where we’re filling ourselves up on empty calories.


These are highly processed foods that get absorbed into the blood stream very quickly causing a spike in our blood sugar levels. White rice, bread, rotis, biscuits, chips, etc. all fall under this category. 

The body is programmed not to lose any form of fuel and hence it stores any excess sugars that it is given, which causes weight gain over a period.

Other consequences of sugar spikes lead to Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, a suppressed immune system, poor gut health and a host of other lifestyle related concerns.

Cholesterol levels, 80% are influenced by what your liver is producing when it is under stress from a high sugar diet – Fatty liver condition. 


These carbs contain a high amount of fibre which promotes an even release of sugar that doesn’t cause any sugar spikes. 

Various types of millets, unpolished grains and salads are an excellent source of complex carbs and just what your body needs. 

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