About Us

Hi, I’m Natasha Balan

I believe that optimal health and well-being is the only way to achieve a superior quality of life. ‘

My personal journey with health began over 5 years ago, when I decided to take control of me and my family’s health. The remarkable results in weight loss, fitness, and significantly better immunity for all of us, encouraged me to aspire to set and achieve more challenging health & fitness goals for myself. As someone who personally struggled with weigh gain and average health growing up, today I’m proud to say I am fully in control of my wellbeing.

As a Wellness Coach, my mission is to impact the lives of over a 100,000 people with good health, because it truly is the greatest wealth!


With the optimal health principles you have a permanent solution to living the good life!


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From losing weight to building muscle and from living with lifestyle illnesses to getting off medication.... we've done it.


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These are people just like you who have experienced the good life and are making a difference to others by paying it forward!

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We"re not guessing...... This program has been tried and tested the world over and has delivered 99.9%!

Meet The Team

Glen & Louise Evans (Business Owner & Food Technologist)

Louise made the shift from working in the processed food industry to helping people understand cellular health, eat right and correct their metabolism. She comes with over 2 decades of experience with this program which not just helped her correct her own health, her family’s health but now Louise is actively involved in helping people achieve their health goals and equip coaches in multiple countries.

Namita and Sunil Ruthnaswamy (Agricultural Scientist and Environmental Scientist)

Namita has a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from St. Joseph’s College of Arts & Science, Bangalore and a Masters and PhD in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury, Australia. Sunil and Namita relocated from Australia several years ago to promote wellness in India, through this program. Over the last 2 decades they have been helping people understand the ‘Science Behind Food’ and how to make smart food choices to reduce the risk of lifestyle disease.

Samia Masood (Pilates Instructor)

Samia has been teaching Pilates for over 8 years, as fitness has always been a passion for her.  Her clients have benefitted significantly as she combines fitness and wellness through this program. 

Knowing that good health is a combination of exercise (20%) and eating right (80%), she teaches her clients how to lose fat and build muscle.