You Matter To Us!

Waking up each day knowing you’ve got good health on your side would make you smile a lot more…

Allow us to help you be the best version of yourself.

Over 45 years of helping people have a better relationship with their food

The Optimal Health Program is your key to the future. 

It uses a balanced approach that uses no drugs or gimmicks; It isn’t based on fads; It uses real food and teaches you portion sizes and how the right kind of snacking is good for you; It uses walking as a sustainable form of exercise and helps to establish a new mindset that will sustain a leaner healthier you. 

Good health is truly a ‘gift’ that everyone deserves!

What are you here for?

If you havent been feeling 100% in one of these areas, we can help

Lifestyle Concerns

Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases, PCOD

Weight Management

Lose weight, Build muscle

Performance Management

Build stamina, Increase energy level, Sleep better

What People Are Saying

We're making a difference by impacting lives

"My weight loss has been nothing short of a miracle. I've lost 9Kgs and 18" on 2 cycles of the 6-week challenge.
What I learned during the program is how to eat right and not starve myself.
I just love my new self and can't wait to share this program with others!"
Diya Jadhav
Home Maker and Wellness Coach
"At 40 I decided to correct my health & take charge. I have learnt to eat right, enjoy my food, set goals & now I have a vehicle to achieve them and help others. It's a great feeling to drop the weight, keep it off & no more migraines"
Teacher and Wellness Coach
"I started on this program and began to see changes right away. I was able to work out better and my stamina improved despite having covid.
Thanks to what I've been able to implement from this program. I have consistently been able to run 12-15Kms a day and run a half marathon(21.098Kms) every alternate week.
I have dropped 18 inches and 6.4 Kgs and am excited because I enjoy the food that I eat, I learned to bridge the gaps in my nutrition and I can see how this is sustainable for a lifetime."
Aviation professional

Are you looking to improve your health?

The payoff for taking care of your health is you get to enjoy your life 24/7 and that payoff enhances every aspect of your life if you can just get to optimal health.

As Jim Rohn says "Take care of your body its the only place you have got to live"

Understand the science behind food

Learning to plate up right is the key to optimal health


Learn to eat adequate proteins consistently through the day. Ensuring you get all the nine essential amino acids to build and rebuild structures.


You shouldn’t be focusing on calorie counting but focus instead on the type of Carbs (complex vs. simple). The fibre in complex carbs provides a slow release of sugars, to keep your blood sugar levels stable.


It's important to understand the composition of the right kind of fats. Your body requires the right balance of omega 3:6 so that inflammatory conditions can be avoided.

Vitamins & Minerals

These are powerful antioxidants that ensures your immunity is at its peak. Getting it from the right sources improves the body's overall well being.